Friday, October 27, 2006

Khalid Adem Is Innocent !

Khalid Adem is innocent. This is a false accusation. He is decent, hard working ,and law abiding person. He couldn't have done such a thing. This is a case of revenge because of divorce and bitter custody. How come the mother didn't find the circumcision out not until 2 years later? This doesn't make sense and it doesn't add up. Many people who have kids change diapers at least 3 or 4 times a day and wash the child every day. How in the world someone couldn't have seen the sore or the bleeding on the child's genitalia? I'm sure many parents out there understand what I'm taking about. This doesn't make sense at all. Khalid Adem the innocent guy is jailed for 10yrs and 5yrs probation for the crime he didn't commit. He needs to appeal. Justice wasn't served.

"Justice is blind, right? In an ideal world punishments always fit the crime, the innocent never suffer, and the guilty never go free. It's the American way! However, in some cases, justice seems to be not blind, but rather suffering from a severe case of myopia brought on by political exposure. This tends to lead to little problems in the justice system, such as inequity in sentencing and other evils." Quote-

Medical Complications of FGM

"...FGC being undertaken without any anaesthetic or sterilization, and by persons with no medical training. The procedure, when performed without any anaesthetic, can lead to death through shock or excessive bleeding. The failure to use sterile medical instruments can lead to infections..." Source-

Who performs FGM or FGC ?

" In cultures where FGM is an accepted norm, it is usually performed by a female traditional practitioner (traditional birth attendants or untrained midwives) ..." source-

I'm very pleased to announce that a website dedicated to Khalid Adem Is Up and running. Please visit his site at the following address.